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Sky-Aura-Ten "Gabby"


Sky-Aura-Ten Gabby (SAT G3A) dob 3/12/2011

Sire - Warrill Creek "Explorer" (VO2 E14)

Dam - Dam Warrill Creek "Dainty" (VO2 D3A)

                                       Gabby is a beautiful 16mth old heifer who has been recently serviced by Sky-Aura-Ten "Hylton"                                                             She is a very feminne heifer and is a frame score 4

Sky-Aura-Ten "Hylton"


Sky-Aura-Ten "Hylton" (SAT H1) dob 16/04/2012

Sire - Warrill Creek "Fabulous" (VO2 F3)

Dam - Warrill Creek "Chloe" (VO2 C3A)

 Hylton is a 13mth old bull, who has started working. He is in paddock condition as seen here. He was supplemented grain [3 scoops per day] from January to March, when he was being halter trained, but has just been in the paddock since.


Warrill Creek "Dainty" & Calf.. Sky-Aura-Ten "Heavenly"



  Warrill Creek "Dainty" (VO2 D3A)  dob 30-01-2008                           Sky-Aura-Ten "Heavenly" (SAT H4)  dob 13/12/2012 

         Sire - Warrill Creek "Buddy" VO2 B3A                                                   Sire - Sky-Aura-Ten "Gorgeous George" SAT G1

      Dam - Warrill Creek "Babe" VO2 B1A                                                            Dam - Warrill Creek "Dainty" VO2 D3A

              Dainty is a 5 year old Cow with great length and depth who has a brilliant temprement and has never had any problems calving.                                                                    She is a fantastic mother with an abundant supply of milk.  Heavenly is her 3rd calf.                                                                 She has been recently serviced by  Warrill Creek "Fabulous"


 Warrill Creek "Fabulous" $2000


                                Warrill Creek "Fabulous" is a 3 year old working Bull in paddock condition. He is presently leased to                                                                            Sky-Aura-Ten Square Meaters where you can view some of his progeny.

                                                                                  For more details please contact                                                                                                                                                        Dawn &  Bevin Voight                                                                                                                                   Warrill Creek Square Meaters 0407 034 634